Short Term Motor Cover

If you are looking for instant cover, whether for just one day or for a one month quote, temporary car insurance maybe the solution your require. With fully comprehensive insurance for a vehicle available almost immediately, this type of policy has understandably grown in popularity in recent times. With cover generally available for one day to 28 days, short term motor insurance is a great solution for people who want to add a visitor to their policy for a brief period of time, ensuring that they are protected whilst out on the road.

Why take out temporary cover?

Temporary or short term motor insurance for your vehicle is a great solution to your motoring needs and can be taken out in addition or instead of your standard policy. One of the most popular reasons for taking out such a policy is when you buy a new vehicle and you want to be covered to drive it off the forecourt the very same day. With a temporary policy you can drive away your new car, leaving you up to a month to shop around for the best annual quote for your new wheels.

Also, when your normal car is being repaired, a temporary policy for a few days can cover you to drive a courtesy vehicle, or alternatively a vehicle that a friend lends you. You may want cover for just a few days when you borrow a van to move home, or alternatively when a visitor comes to stay with you and you need them to be covered as they will be borrowing your vehicle.

Short term cover as a way to protect your no claims bonus

When you take out temporary cover on a vehicle for a few days or may a few weeks, this policy will be separate from your normal insurance cover, and for this reason your no claims bonus on your existing insurance policy will be safe even in the event of an accident. You may also like to take out a separate temporary policy for your son or daughter when they are home from university for the holidays; this type of cover will work out more economical than simply adding them to your existing policy for the entire year.

When taking out temp car insurance, the best way to locate the most competitive quote is by searching online. As long as your vehicle has a value of over £500 you should have no problem in locating a reasonably priced quote for your temporary policy. When searching for cover online, you may find that you will not be able to take out a policy for drivers under 21, over 75, or for people who have held their driving license for less than six months; if you shop around however you will be able to find some providers that are willing to cover your additional driver under these circumstances. Other restrictions that you may encounter are if the vehicle has been imported or has had modified, or if the driver that you wish to insure has points on their license.

Temp cover for learner drivers

Another type of temporary insurance policy that you may like to take out is one that is intended for learner drivers who are 17 years old or upwards who still have not passed their driving test. This type of cover is an excellent way to ensure your learner driver, and once again it will not have any effect on your no claims bonus that you hold as the main driver of the vehicle and policy.